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DNC Drastically Changes Debate Requirements, Opening Door For Michael Bloomberg To Qualify

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg speaks about affordable housing during a campaign event.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is drastically changing the requirements for upcoming primary election debates, reports Politico. After the New Hampshire primary, the individual donor threshold will be completely eliminated.

In order to qualify for the February 19 debate in Las Vegas, Nevada the candidates will have to earn at least 10 percentage points in four polls released between January 15 and February 18, or 12 percent in two Nevada or South Carolina surveys. Furthermore, if a candidate earns at least one delegate in either New Hampshire or Iowa, they will qualify for the Las Vegas debate.

The DNC’s decision to drop the individual donor rule benefits billionaire Michael Bloomberg, a fully self-funded candidate and major Democratic Party donor, who has started surging in the polls after spending a record-breaking amount of money on television advertisements and similar ad campaigns.

In a statement, DNC spokeswoman Adrienne Watson argued that the change is necessary at this stage of the primary process.

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