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Suzy Cortez Is A Bombshell In Pigtail Braids, Combat Boots & Leather Bra

Suzy Cortez snaps a selfie.

Suzy Cortez delighted fans with a skin-baring snap that hugged off her sculpted figure in all the right ways. The sizzling new shot was added to her feed last night, and it’s been driving her 2.3 million fans wild.

The photo captured the model posted outside in the middle of the street. Suzy did not share specific details or divulge her exact location with a geotag. She took a step forward and directed her attention to the camera in front of her as she tugged at the waistband of her pants and faced her chest toward the camera. The model was the only object that was in focus in the image, but a few blurry cars and trees could be seen in the background.

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