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NFL Players Deandre Baker And Quinton Dunbar Accused Of Armed Robbery, Face Arrest In Florida

NFL players Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar are wanted on charges of armed robbery after police in Florida said an argument at a party in Florida turned violent, a new report claims. TMZ Sports reported on Thursday that police in Miramar, Florida, have issued arrested warrants for the two after an argument broke out during a cookout that led to Baker pulling a semi-automatic firearm. Police said the pair then robbed party guests, with Dunbar helping take watches and other items from them at the request of Baker. Some reports also said that Dunbar was carrying a gun, though the report noted this was not verified. Police said the pair left the cookout with more than $ 7,000 in cash along with several valuable items that included a $ 25,000 watch worn by one of the others in attendance....