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Liz Katz Wears Furry Hat And Skin-Tight Dress As She Sings ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ Cover In Latest Update

Cosplay model Liz Katz surprised her 1.2 million Instagram followers with her recent video post. In the clip, the celebrity pointed out that she could no longer use copyrighted songs in her posts and would now have to sing along to any music she chose from now on — even though she declared she couldn’t sing. She then launched into her own rendition of “Hungry Like The Wolf.” The clip started with Liz explaining how she was now unable to post clips that featured copyrighted music playing over it. As a result of this, she would now have to vocalize all of her own covers for any songs she was to use in future clips. The celebrity then declared that she was “not a singer” before bursting into song.Click here to continue and read more... The Inquisitr