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Safest countries to visit once travel bans are lifted – but will they let you in?

HOLIDAYS in the future may not be at the top of most Britons' agendas right now but for those keen travellers itching to book a trip abroad, you may be wondering where the most COVID-safe destinations are. Travel risk expert Lloyd Figgins explains where the safest holiday destinations could be in the future, but warns that they may not let certain people in. Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Cheer for young passenger in rail ticket mix-up as penalty charge is lifted 

Finance News
It’s all back on track for a young passenger whose train journey came off the rails for while when he was issued with an £84 unpaid penalty fare charge despite his dad had bought a valid ticket for him. Jason Peters, 18, had taken the unfortunate business hard, father Simon told us when he asked for help getting the wrong put right as soon as possible. Daily Express :: Finance Feed