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Star Wars: Kylo Ren TRILOGY rumoured to detail villain’s transformation from Ben Solo

STAR WARS The Rise of Skywalker and its previous two inclusions to the mythos showcased the final portions of Kylo Ren's life, before he sacrificed himself to save Rey Skywalker. But now, it looks like the incredible character could be getting a spin off movie series, showcasing the beginning of Ben Solo's life, and subsequent transformation into the monster that was Kylo Ren. Daily Express :: Films Feed

Star Wars: Han Solo star drops bombshell news on RETURNING to screen

STAR WARS changed things up in 2018 with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. While the film received generally middling reviews, fans have begun wondering whether they will see any more of Han Solo's backstory. Now, actor behind the character, Alden Ehrenreich has spoken out about whether he will be back in the Millennium Falcon's saddle anytime soon. Daily Express :: Films Feed

WWE News: Major Update On Future Of Heavy Machinery Following Otis’ Solo Push

Friday Night SmackDown superstar Otis has been receiving a push as a singles star in recent weeks after feuding with Dolph Ziggler and entering into a romantic relationship with Mandy Rose. This has led some fans to speculate about the status of Heavy Machinery, the tag team he’s been a part of with Tucker since 2016. In an interview with CBS Sports, Otis revealed that the duo are still a team, even though Tucker has been relegated to the background while Otis continues to gain momentum on his own. “Heavy Machinery is full tilt. Just because there’s a little bit of absence here and there, I’m sure everyone is stirring up conversation and putting their opinions out there. But that’s a part of it. That’s a part of the mystique of what’s going on r...