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Garrett Yrigoyen Slammed By Bekah Martinez For Statement In Support Of Law Enforcement

Bachelor nation alum Garrett Yrigoyen took to Instagram on Thursday, June 4 to release a statement to show his support for members of law enforcement. In the lengthy statement, he noted that he does not condone police brutality but that he also doesn’t believe all law enforcement officers should be judged for the mistakes of some. As a result, he got into an argument with fellow Bachelor nation alum, Bekah Martinez, according to US Weekly. Yrigoyen is known for his appearance on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelor. He and Kufrin got engaged at the end of the season and remain together today. In his latest controversial statement, he shared a black square with a thin blue line running through it which is meant to show support to police officers. He then explained that after ...