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‘Teen Mom 2’ Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About Her Childhood And Wanting To Reconnect With Her Mom

Longtime fans of MTV’s hit show Teen Mom 2 likely know about Kailyn Lowry’s tumultuous relationship with her mother. However, on the most recent episode of the show, Kailyn opened up about the idea of reconnecting with her mother. According to MTV News, it was at her youngest sons birthday party that Kail started to wonder about the prospect of reconnecting with her mother. Although Kail and the father of her son are not together, he and his family attended the birthday party and although there was potential for there to be drama, things went well with no drama. With Lux’s dad and his family being involved in his life, Kail realized that her two older sons also had their fathers and their fathers’ families involved. With her sons knowing their fathers’ side...