106th birthday celebration for woman in Wayne County

A special celebration was held today for birthday gal, Frances Gagliardi, and the fanfare for Frances was also a family reunion

LAKE ARIEL, Pa. — Through a glass door at Saber at Julia Ribaudo Nursing Home in Lake Ariel, Frances Gagliardi watched as a birthday parade from the Lake Ariel Fire Department drove by to celebrate her 106th trip around the sun!

Frances was born in 1915 in New York City, and her family says the sights and sounds of the sirens are a familiar noise.

Last year, Frances’ 105th birthday was celebrated similarly because of the pandemic.

Frances’s daughter, Phyllis DeMeo, says she’s happy to still be able to celebrate with her mom after this past year.

“Especially during COVID, you know, there was a time there where we should you know we weren’t sure. But there’s the proof,” Phyllis said.

Phyllis says many visits to see Frances the past year were through the glass. 

Frances’ granddaughter Stephanie made the trip from Massachusetts to see her grandmother.

They all got vaccinated to be able to celebrate this year’s big occasion.

“I missed her 105th Because of COVID, and I’ve only seen her once through the door, and this past year, so this will be the first time I’ll see her where she can hear me talking,” Stephanie said.

After the parade, Frances’s family got to have their cake and eat it too–being able to hold her hand and wish her Happy Birthday in person.

“It means a lot in, and for the kids to finally get to see grandma, and inside visiting is on now. And last week, they let us touch up for the first time in a year, so it really means a lot,” Phyllis said.

“Yeah, it’s something to celebrate. Well, well worth the five-hour ride. And most importantly, I just wanted her to hear I love her in person,” Stephanie said.

Frances’s family says they look forward to more in-person visits to make more memories.

Happy 106th Birthday, Frances!

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