’60 Minutes’ Gets Hard Blowback Due To DeSantis Address Masked as Investigative Journalism

’60 Minutes’ aired a selectively edited hit piece on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Sunday night. It was motivated by a politically motivated agenda to bring down a rising Republican star who many believe might run for president in the future.

The state of Florida’s relative success in reacting to a pandemic that threatens its large elderly population while retaining a fair degree of public freedom and respect for citizens’ rights has been a persistent thorn in the side of Democrats who have been low on evidence and long on paranoia when it comes to COVID threats.

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The alleged controversy centers on whether Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gave Publix, Florida’s most widely available grocery store, a favorable vaccine contract in exchange for a $100,000 contribution to a political action committee.

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Last month, the “pay-to-play” controversy surfaced after Sharyn Alfonsi made charges against Governor DeSantis at a press conference. The background that was missing from Sunday’s “60 Minutes” episode would have done a lot to give the viewer the feeling that there was “no story there.”

The segment was so one-sided and unjust, not only to the governor but to the entire representative government of Florida, that the backlash against the once-respected investigative news show has been fierce. Simply presenting the conclusions of professional media analysts is illustrative.

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