Bar owners, City Hall in talks over Tuscaloosa entertainment areas

Talks between City Hall and bar and business owners remain "positive" as both look for ways to reduce crime and improve public safety while allowing these businesses to remain viable and prosperous.

With the crowds of A-Day weekend now more than two weeks in the past, a cooler approach is being taken toward ways of minimizing violence while keeping bar businesses alive.

From City Hall to barkeeps, almost all have said recently that productive discussions are taking place that would lead to appropriate solutions for mitigating crime while maintaining thriving entertainment areas.

Where to go from here, though, remains unknown.

“If y’all have got good ideas, get them to us,” said District 4 Councilman Lee Busby to local bar and business owners last week. “I lay awake at night over this and I don’t know the answer.

“In fact, I’m not even entirely sure I know the problem, because I suspect the problem has multiple dimensions.”

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