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Before buying, make sure your hand cream has these nourishing ingredients

We are extremely careful when it comes to buying skincare products. We read the ingredients list, watch numerous videos and also do a patch test before we finally open our wallets. But are we as mindful when it comes to body care? You are most likely to nod in disagreement; isn’t it?

With hygiene being the focus at the moment, we continuously wash our hands or apply sanitisers to keep infection at bay. Doing so often can make our hands dry, itchy, and even scaly. Hence, it is extremely essential to keep the hands moinsturised. But do you know which hand cream suits you best and gives effective results? If not, then check out these tips by Bhargav Paritala, co-founder, The Palm Care Company.

Opt for calming ingredients

While looking for a moisturising hand cream, you can save a lot of effort by opting for ingredients that are calming in nature. This is important because constant washing can end up compromising the skin barrier. “Try looking for plant-based herbal products that have certain key ingredients which are nourishing, healing, and hydrating to the skin,” says Paritala. 

  • Shea butter to nourish your skin
  • Jojoba oil and cocoa butter for maintaining the skin barrier 
  • Witch hazel extract and aloe vera extract to calm down inflammation 
  • Vitamin E for quick cell turnover

“These are all nature-derived products that are extremely healthy and nourishing for your skin. The ingredients lock in the moisture for a prolonged effect and also have healing properties,” the co-founder added. 

Make sure you keep your hands soft and wrinkle-free with these expert tips: click here. 

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