Bitcoin $57079, Swipe $4.68, Cardano $1.16197. Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction – European Wrap

The Bitcoin and Ethereum paused their trajectory as this technical indicator flashed a cycle top signal. The retracement that ensued left a lot of the over-leveraged traders liquidated. Regardless, both cryptocurrencies still have their upside target in place. Read more


BTC/USD 1-day chart


Swipe Price has shattered the base of an ascending triangle pattern catalyzing a 57% upswing. The $5.96 target seems likely, especially considering the lack of resistance as seen in the GIOM model for SXP. A secondary confirmation will arrive after a decisive close above the MRI’s breakout line at $4.68. Read more…


SXP/USDT 1-day chart

Cardano has been trading in a downtrend for several days on the 4-hour chart, and the price is currently located at a key support level for the bulls. Despite the weak price action, Cardano has seen a massive spike in the number of new addresses joining the network. Read more…

ada price





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