College friends, military vets plan to open brewery and taproom in southwest Lincoln | Dining

They’ll start with six fermentation vessels, allowing them to brew a half-dozen different beers at a time. Walter plans a mix of trendy hoppy beers, like hazy IPAs, but also a selection of fresh, lighter beers, the kind he experienced when the Marines took him around the world.

He’s had fresh Kolsch in Cologne, Germany, and he’d like to recreate the experience in Lincoln.

“The first sip of the first beer should be as good as the last sip of your fourth beer. If you have a beer that is light and refreshing and balanced, you can drink it all day.”

They’re also planning to brew with a five-barrel system — smaller than some other Lincoln breweries. It will limit the volume of each batch, but it will keep their beer fresher and give them flexibility to change up their selections.

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They know they’re new at this; Walkemeyer didn’t make his own beer until 2016, when Walter gave him a home-brewing kit for Christmas. So they’ve been visiting other breweries in Lincoln, looking for advice.

And they’ve felt welcomed, Walter said.

“Everyone’s been open to sitting down with us and answering any questions we have. We went into breweries and said, ‘Here’s what we’re thinking; is there an opportunity to talk to the owner or head brewer?’ And typically, they’d walk right out and talk to us.”

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