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In the seven years since Mayor Laura Hill became the first woman in Southlake to hold the office, she has created new committees, founded organizations like SKIL (Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership) and worked to cut the city’s tax rate, among other accomplishments. The winner of Citizen of the Year in 2007 and 2018, Mayor Hill lives to serve. 

Becoming Mayor 

Mayor Hill first served on the city council starting in 2004. Her aspirations led her to successfully run for mayor in 2015. 

“I’ll never feel about any city like I do about Southlake. I share such a deep love for our community,” Mayor Hill says. “Forty-five years ago, my mom and dad moved here and never would I have ever thought that I would be mayor someday.” 

While she is proud to be Southlake’s first female mayor, the work comes first. 

“Most importantly, I hope I will be remembered for being a good mayor — involved, approachable and supportive of our community,” she says. 

Culture of Communication 

Mayor Hill’s impact will continue after she leaves the post in May. Among other accomplishments, she started the Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture to foster communication about diversity and inclusion. One of the big events that came out of this initiative is Celebrate Southlake. 

“If we genuinely want a community that is the best reflection of all of us, then we must find what we have in common with our neighbors,” Mayor Hill says. “We must lift each other up and take the time to meet each other.” 

Mayor Hill will also be known for her outreach and communication. Whether it was through her Facebook page, her Instagram posts or the city’s website, she made sure Southlake heard from her. 

“Our level of transparency and communication is another area of immense satisfaction,” Mayor Hill says. “Our staff has always been forward-thinking, but we have really extended our reach to our citizens and even surrounding communities.” 

During her tenure, Mayor Hill attended 63 Meet The Mayor events, participated in 52 Mayor For The Day events and held close to 600 one-on-one meetings with citizens. 

“We are super informative and responsive. Whether you prefer Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, text, email, phone calls,” Mayor Hill says. “There is no way to not be in the know in Southlake if you want to be in the know.”

Looking Ahead 

Mayor Hill wants citizens to be able to count on her replacement, whoever that may be. 

“Southlake has a history of outstanding leadership,” Mayor Hill says. “I have always said each mayor ends up being the perfect mayor for what our community needs at that moment in time. The next mayor will be a huge success.” 

As May’s municipal elections get closer, so too does the end of Mayor Hill’s tenure. 

“I enjoyed the job so much, even the challenges. For me personally, I’ve gained a lot of confidence and knowledge that will be invaluable to me moving forward,” Mayor Hill says. “No matter what I do next, being mayor of Southlake will be the best volunteer job I ever had.”

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