Corporate Cancel Culture – When Will It Stop?

Georgia can’t catch a break from the culture wars. First condemned and canceled by woke Hollywood celebrities years ago, Republican Governor Brian Kemp and his state have found themselves under siege by a new enemy: corporate America. As events throughout last week revealed the left’s absurd falsehoods and bad-faith arguments about Georgia’s new voting law, the last thing anyone expected was for corporations to pander to the woke mob like never before and put their own hypocrisy on full display.

As individual corporations — such as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Merck & Co. — and various banks, sports teams, and media giants have come out in full force against Georgia’s law, a curious paradox has arisen. Immediately, influential figures on the right took to social media to express their outrage over the pandering to woke cancel culture taking place within corporate America. Almost immediately, Senate Republicans and even former President Donald Trump urged followers to boycott Major League Baseball, Coke, and Delta for their financial pullouts from the Peach State. One outrage led to another, and the power of the Twitter echo chamber took hold.

After Republican backlash to the corporate woke scolding began trending, left-wing activists dogpiled on the drama in droves. They pointed out the hypocrisy of Republicans decrying cancel culture while threatening to employ it themselves against corporations, pointing at examples like the boycott of Nike by the right as evidenc…

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