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Ep. 3: Joanne Cogle talks health, lifestyle, and the triathlons with Bob Jeswald

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) Tri Coach and certified fitness trainer and educator Joanne Cogle will take us on her journey on how fitness and mental strength can get you through the toughest times, i.e. COVID.

How fitness and the right diet can be the right medicine during a pandemic; and how it will keep you strong and healthy. Joanne Cogle is a fitness director for the Chattahoochee Valley’s triathlons…A big revenue booster for our city and how this has been life-changing for so many individuals.  

Contact Joanne Cogle here at her fitness gym, CrossFitCSG , and TriColumbus events.

This is only scratching the surface for those with disabilities and from all ages from 12-80. Be prepared to have your “eyes” opened for a life-changing experience no matter what body-type you believe you are or are trying to reach.

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