Ex-Florida cop discovers Lee Harvey Oswald’s 57-year-old confession

Author and police officer Sean DeGrilla retired from police work in Orlando, Florida only a few years ago. While on the job he gained insights about criminal psychology, how perpetrators try to evade detection and basic criminal behavior.

Being an avid student and practitioner of law enforcement, DeGrilla eventually turned his attention to old murder cases, particularly the Nov 22nd, 1963 murders of President John F. Kennedy and Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit. Then, after a few years of research, he discovered that the alleged assassin of America’s thirty-fifth president, Lee Harvey Oswald, left behind what was essentially a confession.

DeGrilla’s stocky frame squeezed into his car as we drove beneath the Central Florida sun to his home. We sat down in a sunny den that he quickly pulled the Venetian blinds on. He walked me over to a table lined with commendations for excellence in community service, diplomas for training courses, pistol marksmanship, certificates of gratitude from schools and a special commendation of valor. He opened a dusty beige file and poured me a cup of freshly brewed Peruvian coffee. He brought me a little pitcher to mix milk into my cup. His gleaming chrome coffee maker was four feet directly below the trigger guard of a 41″ Carcano rifle with a 4X scope-a relic made incredibly more expensive given Oswald’s same choice of rifle in 1963 and the bullets from the same factory lots as Oswald’s.

He handed me the file and said, “The crux of Oswald’s confession is in your hands.”

In the file I saw photos of a defiant Oswald talking to the press, a pensive, recently arrested Oswald in t-shirt, screenshots from his TV appearance in New Orleans, a rare photo in the Dallas Police Station as Oswald was getting booked and a color picture of Oswald in handcuffs outside the Texas Theatre where the crowd was ready to lynch him while he protested mistreatment after he slugged a cop.

Finally I saw two black and whites that I had never seen before—snapshots of Oswald as he lay dying after being shot by night club owner Jack Ruby with a .38 caliber, J Frame Colt Cobra revolver. Magic bullet? That’s the one shot that exited Ruby’s revolver and entered through Oswald’s left lower rib cage setting off a veritable perfect storm of carnage to Oswald’s vital organ that led to surgeons encountering massive internal bleeding—2 quarts of blood pooling inside of Oswald’s body leaving Oswald at death’s door and in crushing agony. His spleen, pancreas, aorta, vena cava, Oswald’s right kidney and right lobe of the liver were all torn by Ruby’s single round.

Unknown to many, at the Dallas City Jail, as they awaited an ambulance, Oswald, when prompted urgently by a lawman, gave a cryptic, solemn statement to the Dallas police, anxious for a declaration, any declaration, concerning the murders of President Kennedy and Police Officer JD Tippit. Few know this. The police put him on the spot and he delivered but hardly as they wished nor expected. Hardly anyone realized it even at the time and didn’t recognize the significance of his reply until now.

DeGrilla pointed to a sheaf of papers in a pocket opposite the pictures and quipped, “Oswald’s confession—it’s in those papers.”

Inside are neatly transcribed texts of Lee Harvey Oswald’s statements to the media both in Louisiana and Dallas and charts in parallel below each word that left me confused. “Sean, help me out here,” I said. “I’m lost like an English only speaking American parachuted into Beijing and tasked to find the nearest alarm clock factory.”

I got a bit testy with the seeming obtuseness of it all. “Ok so what bearing does Oswald’s statements on WDSU in New Orleans and what he said to the press at the Dallas jail after the assassination have on Oswald’s criminal confession? When did that take place?”

He smiled and said, “Aaah Bill, so impatient!”

He motioned towards a graph associated with Oswald’s recorded narration concerning his three-year US Marine Corps service stint and ranks attained and other things Oswald said that were recorded on magnetic tape. Then he explained Voice Stress Analysis, what happens to the human voice when deception is uttered and when a subject speaks honestly.

He continued, “Ok, ya see this? This answer we know was 100% true and is verifiable about Oswald. Now compare the graphics with this other statement, that we know through Oswald’s Marine Corps records to be totally false. Notice the difference? Oswald is lying his head off and we know it. The graph corroborates that and is consistent with telling a falsehood! We see the falsehoods also depicted in Oswald’s words in Dallas when he was in police custody.”

This is explained in detail in the video above.

“And the final, before death statement?” I pressed him. Sean pointed to three pictures and explains matter of factly Oswald’s final proclamation. “Nobody has ever mentioned this before!” I exclaimed.

Sean shrugged, laughed and disclosed it. “That’s it! Authors just don’t dig enough! Hundreds of books and it takes a guy whose parents were in grade school when this happened to tell the world!”

I sipped my coffee, sensed a gentle breeze and lit up a small Colombian San Pedro cigar as unknown as this unexpected finding. This book by a former patrolman is  way different. It had me looking at multiple options. My eyes opened wide as I thought of cornering Christine Blasey Ford, Bill Clinton, Hillary, Bill Gates, Tony Fauci and others with my lists of questions.

Sean threw out another explosive comment: “Oswald, had he survived until today, would be an ANTIFA or BLM supporter—100%”.

MORE detail on the YouTube link interview of Sean DeGrilla concerning his book, MALCONTENT: Lee Harvey Oswald’s Confession by Conduct.

‘The Purge’ by Big Tech targets conservatives, including us

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