Fort Myers 4-year-old is on mission to save monarch butterflies from extinction

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A Fort Myers 4-year-old is on a mission to save monarch butterflies from extinction.

Last March, Juliette Brummett took a visit to the Florida Native Butterfly Society Conservatory. She learned there that monarchs were becoming endangered.

Since that trip, she has been raising butterflies in her backyard and releasing dozens each day.

“It’s been really great for her,” Alexandra, Juliette’s mom said.

The experience has also helped teach Juliette the importance of gentleness and compassion. Now, she’s hoping other people will join in her efforts to help save the butterflies.

“If every community put milkweed out and did this type of thing, they would slowly emerge and it just adds to the beauty,” Joey, Juliette’s dad said.

You can follow Juliette’s journey through the Facebook page “Juliette’s Monarchs.”

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