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Hannibal city council looking to amend animal ordinance, some say it doesn’t go far enough

HANNIBAL (WGEM) — An amendment to the city ordinance regarding animals stirred some controversy Tuesday night at Hannibal City Council.

The amendment aims to make changes to the city’s animal ordinance which currently contains language that dates back over a hundred years according to city officials,

Mayor James Hark the current ordinance talks about how to auction off cattle if they’re found roaming around town un-claimed.

The city attorney presented an amendment, but concerned citizens said it doesn’t go far enough.

April Azotea, who said she’s been working on getting changes made for sometime, said she’s concerned that the current language they’re considering has a narrow definition of animal abuse.

Azotea said she’s been trying to work with the city but feels like they aren’t responding well.

City officials said what they’re looking at right now is just the first step towards changing things.

“I’ve provided them each of the council and everybody with packets of specific cities that have phenomenal laws, I feel like it’s just been super frustrating,” said Azotea.

“[I want to] meet together [with people who are concerned] and even improve what we did you know, like I said, it’s building blocks, you’re always improving and making better and that’s that’s what our government’s supposed to work like,” said Mayor Hark,

Tuesday night was just the first reading of the amendment, city council will continue talking about it at their next city council meeting.

City council also approved almost $70,000 to go towards a new playground at Anne Dorsey Park.

They approved part of the contract for new restrooms at the Sodalis Nature Preserve for over $83,000.

The Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau requested a revision for their budget for the year to allow for a part time and full time position hires to help kick start tourism in Hannibal again.

Council also heard a report from 2 Rivers Industries on their recycling efforts and how they’ve been effected by the pandemic.

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