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Dear Heloise: Did you know that bread heels make great hamburger buns? I save them in a plastic bag in my freezer, then quickly thaw them out when I want to use them. I brown the cut side under a broiler for a toasty flavor. They don’t leak or get soggy. — Annie W., Macon, Georgia

Dear Heloise: My husband and I have a blended family of six boys living at home! Needless to say, I do a lot of cooking, and since I plan the meals, I like to make them as nutritious as possible. We always have Sunday breakfast together, so I like to make pancakes using buttermilk and a couple of bananas. I also squeeze two vitamin E capsules into the mix. Not only do they get a healthy breakfast of pancakes, bacon, grilled tomatoes and juice, I get the satisfaction of knowing family breakfast is a healthy meal. Believe me, if left to their own devices, they’d live on frozen pizza and peanut butter. — Julie F., Troy, Michigan

Dear Heloise: It always seems like I have a little cereal in the box but not enough to fill a small bowl, or sometimes I have tried a new cereal and found that I didn’t like it. Instead of tossing it out in the trash, I throw it out in the backyard for the birds. Since I hate wasted food, I feel this is a useful way to use leftover cereal. — Lori S., Fresno, California

Dear Heloise: Want to get the meat of an avocado out easily? Use an ice-cream scoop. I tried it, and it’s so easy. You can leave just enough room in the shell to add a fried egg, and that is a delicious treat right there. — Ruth B., Warren, Arkansas

Dear Heloise: I make a terrific fruit salad. Everyone seems to love it! However, to make sure it stays cool, I put the bowl in the freezer for a couple of hours, then transfer the fruit salad from a plastic bowl to a frosty glass bowl. Not only does it look prettier, but it also helps the fruit salad stay fresher longer. — Mavis D., Ponca City, Oklahoma

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