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Indian PM Modi calls for ‘lifestyle’ change to battle climate crisis, India News News

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday highlighted how India is battling climate change and called for altering “lifestyle” to battle this global menace. 

“For humanity to combat climate change, concrete action is needed. We need such action at a high speed, at a large scale, and with a global scope,” Modi said as he addressed the virtual climate summit. 

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He said that India’s renewable energy target of 450 GW by 2030 shows the nation’s “commitment”. 

“Despite our developmental challenges, we have taken many bold steps on clean energy, energy efficiency, afforestation, and biodiversity,” Modi said. 

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He also said New Delhi has encouraged global initiatives on this issue, including International Solar Alliance and the Coalition for Disaster Resilience Infrastructure.

Modi asked other countries to “create templates of sustainable development in India,” adding that this can also help other developing nations to get affordable access to green finance and clean technology. 

“That is why President Biden and I are launching the India-US Climate and Clean Energy Agenda 2030 Partnership,” Modi said, adding that it will help in investment, demonstrating green technologies, among others. 

Modi also said, “India’s per capita carbon footprint is 60 per cent lower than the global average.”

“It is because of our lifestyle still rooted in sustainable traditional practices,” the Indian PM said, underscoring the importance of lifestyle change in battling climate change. 


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