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Injured Marco fledgling ‘doing well’ at Conservancy wildlife hospital

Marco Island’s eagles have been going through some tough times. The young eagle recently found injured beneath its nest behind the Publix on San Marco Road is only the latest to undergo a mishap, go missing, or suffer a fatal accident. Before that eaglet was found, apparently injured, and taken to the von Arx Wildlife Hospital at the Conservancy of Naples by volunteers on March 19, its sibling had also been found on the ground and lifeless.

At the eagle cam maintained by the Marco Island Nature Preserve and Bird Sanctuary on the north end of the island, there have been no eagles to see, as no birds have nested there this year. In 2020, a pair of great horned owls, tough enough to fend off a challenge from the eagles and on an earlier nesting schedule, took over the nest, said preserve spokesperson Linda Turner.

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