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JetBlue Announces New London Route With Perks For All Passengers

As planning international travel becomes a reality after its unexpectedly long hiatus, some passengers may have forgotten the unavoidable discomforts of travel. Long haul flights with lackluster food, cramped personal space and shoddy WiFi make lockdown on the couch sound like a vacation. Enter: JetBlue, which announced on Tuesday, April 6 that the New York-based airline will offer boutique-style service on new flights to London, starting this summer.

Plans to shake up the transatlantic flight experience will bring a new level of service and comfort to customers craving a great experience at a low fare. JetBlue’s Single-Aisle Airbus A321LR promises the most legroom in coach; unlimited, free high-speed Wi-Fi and live TV; and a new seatside ordering concept in partnership with Dig. The build-your-own meal concept mirrors Dig’s New York fast casual restaurant experience, with passengers able to design a complimentary meal, on demand, made with seasonal ingredients.

“From generous personal space, to our innovative build-your-own dining concept, every detail has been thoughtfully designed and will be made even better with the attentive service standards that a single-aisle aircraft allows,” said Jayne O’Brien, head of marketing and loyalty, JetBlue. “We know all too well the pain points of international flying – the dreaded center section, the ‘choice’ of assembly-line chicken or beef, and the lack of connectivity. JetBlue is ready to change all that with our take on transatlantic travel where you are well taken care of and fully connected if you want to be.”

 Throughout the flight, JetBlue’s Airbus A321 Long Range single-aisle aircraft with the Airspace powered by Airbus interior, will allow JetBlue to offer customers attentive, boutique-style service, while also ensuring ample personal space, larger overhead bins, customized lighting and a design that gives the cabin a wide-body feel. The Wifi and curated television and entertainment option will also allow passengers to have a dual screen experience, just like being on the couch at home. And yes, outlets and USB ports will be available at every seat.

Eating will also be as simple as ordering takeout, with Dig’s experience at 35,000 feet designed to replicate ordering from the restaurant at home. Customers will have the option to choose one of three main selections including a protein or vegetable that comes with a base, and two out of three hot and chilled side options. Menu items will feature hearty offerings, such as roasted chicken thigh over a base of brown rice with herbs and spiced eggplant over coconut cauliflower quinoa, with sides including Dig’s mac and cheese and a mixed heirloom tomato salad sourced directly from Dig Acres farm in upstate New York.

For morning departures, the menu will include a mix of sweet and savory breakfast dishes, including a mixed berry bread pudding and citrus salad with local honey. Additional food and beverage offerings will include a specially designed onboard pantry with a self-serve grab and go snack basket for customers to enjoy throughout their flight; complimentary soft drinks, coffee, tea, beer, wine and liquor; and dessert for a sweet treat post-meal, plus a light bite prior to arrival.  Keeping true to its sustainable commitment, JetBlue will serve its meals in reusable containers and provide customers with cutlery made from a natural polymer.

 “When we shook up premium travel with Mint, one of the biggest ‘wow’ moments for our customers was our fresh take on dining. Great food doesn’t have to be limited to the premium cabin, and our customers in core also deserve a dining experience that is thoughtfully prepared and offers choices,” said O’Brien. “Dig has earned a big following in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, where customers love the fresh ingredients and customizable concept. We wanted customers in the air to have the same freedom to design their own meal, just like they would if they were dining at a Dig restaurant.”

Details on fares, schedules and which London airport will be served will be announced at a later date.

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