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Kristin Cavallari Reveals Her Secrets To Staying Healthy When Traveling

One look at Kristin Cavallari’s Instagram, and you’ll be swept up in a world of picturesque travel. In just the past few months, the CEO of Uncommon James has been skiing in Colorado, opened a store in Dallas, vacationed with pals in Mexico, and enjoying some downtime at the luxe Blackberry Mountain in Tennessee. But despite a hectic schedule, the mom of three manages to maintain her healthy diet and workout regimen on the road. How? Well, the former reality star shared her secrets with me as part of her partnership with protein snack brand Lorissa’s Kitchen and HeyMama (they teamed up to launch Lorissa’s List featuring a variety of gift options for moms made by moms). Here’s what the entrepreneur had to say about staying healthy on the road, traveling with kids, and what destinations inspired her jewelry pieces.

You’re always on the road! How do you maintain your healthy workout and diet?

No matter where I’m going, if it’s a plane ride that’s an hour and a half, or if it’s 14 hours, I am bringing food with me. So that means I’m packing a meal like a salad. Or, I’ve brought leftovers on airplanes, made sandwiches, and then I bring a ton of snacks like Lorissa’s Kitchen beef strips. I was just in Colorado this past weekend, and I brought sandwiches for my kids and a salad for me. Then wherever your destination, it’s really about looking online and finding healthy spots. I’ll sit on Google for hours trying to find great restaurants and cool coffee shops and juice bars.

And how about getting your workouts in if you don’t have access to a gym?

I definitely try to work out. It just might not be as much as I do when I’m at home. If there’s no gym, there are great moves that you can do without any weights, just using your body weight. You can still do lunges, squats, planks, pushups, etc. I try to get my blood moving at least a few times.

Do you ever bend the rules?

Yes, absolutely. I try to follow like an 80, 20 lifestyle, and 80% is eating really healthy. The 20% is when I’m traveling or when I go out to dinner. I eat bread; I drink alcohol. I do all of that stuff. You know, I have a lot of desserts. That keeps me sane, and it makes me then want to get back on track.

Now you have three children. What’s the secret to keeping travel with kids sane?

Airplanes are the only time my kids get an iPad. So for them, it’s like this awesome thing. I’ve brought candy on airplanes before and said, “If you guys are good, when we’re landing, you can have lollipops” because it takes them longer to eat it. When my kids were younger, I would bring like boxes of band-aids on an airplane because, for whatever reason, kids love band-aids: opening them up, putting them on. It would give you a solid 20 to 30 minutes. 

Your company Uncommon James is extremely successful. How does travel inform your business decisions?

It does with designing the jewelry in particular. I pull inspiration from all over the place. I was just in Cabo in the pool, and a dragonfly started going around my hat. I was like, a dragonfly would be cool on a necklace. It just comes from really random places. You never know when it’s going to hit you. We went to Italy two years ago, and it made me want to do a collection about my heritage. The countryside of Tuscany inspired me. Travel plays a large role in that. I love traveling in general. So any excuse to do it!

Is there a place that’s still on your bucket list? 

The Maldives and Tokyo are two places I’m dying to go to. The Maldives is the ultimate beach vacation. It just looks so incredibly beautiful and serene. Then Tokyo is just the opposite of that. There’s so much going on and so much to take in. I think it would be really neat to be immersed in a completely different culture like that.

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