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Lorain families spend day at Oakwood Park Easter event | Lifestyle

Over 5,000 colorful eggs were filled with prizes including cash and candy to celebrate Easter. The event welcomed over 200 participants and offered families an opportunity to spend time together at Oakwood Park in Lorain.

The event at 3 p.m. on April 3 was sponsored by Fit For Youth.

Rachel Workman, president of Fit For Youth, said Lorain officials such as Ray Carrion, Jack Bradley and various businesses came together to support the youngsters.

“Doing this is the best. Seeing the expressions on the faces of the children is worthwhile,” she said.

There were 500 hotdogs, chips, juice, water, pop, candy and icy cups provided by community members for the celebration.

Children participated in raffles for 21 Easter baskets, a fitness challenge with cash prizes, an Easter egg hunt, a meal, dances and a fire truck tour.

“When we have events they’re focused around the bad. The drugs, crime and violence in the city. This shows we can have positive and fun events. We can focus on something else,” she said.

The effort was not only to make the children in the area happy, but to unite the city under a common theme, Workman said.

“I just wanted people to come out and have fun. I haven’t seen the city parks like this. Look at all the children using the park,” she said.

With so many people in the park, Workman said she was concerned about the plastic and possible trash. However, she said the kids were excited to clean the park and make it ready for the day.

“We cleaned all the trash and made it picture perfect for a family event. It shows what we can have in Lorain,” she said.

“I just want the children to be happy because the children are our future.”

According to resident Kathi Henry, the event was full of family fun and laughter.

“I saw it on Facebook and I’m so happy we came. It was amazing,” she said.

There were plenty of activities and fun for everyone, Henry said.

“Every kid had a bag full of eggs. I thought they were only going to get one or two but everyone had a bag of 15 to 30,” she said. “It went really well. I love how the community put on this wonderful activity.”

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