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Making Waves Through The Metroplex

The beach feels a little bit closer thanks to Bondi Bowls. The vibrant food truck drove into the DallasFort Worth foodie scene on March 6, bringing fresh, immune-boosting dishes with it. 

The DFW truck, the first franchisee of Bondi Bowls, immediately found a community. At its grand opening at Southlake Jazzercise, Bondi Bowls DFW owner and North Richland Hills resident Caitlin Crockett says she could see people embracing the concept. While it’s easy to feel drawn in by the bright millennial pink and palm-covered truck, Caitlin believes locals accepted the concept thanks to its inviting nature and quality dishes. 

Bondi Bowls’ welcoming spirit comes from its founder, Bailey Wilson, who built the brand after living in Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. Bailey moved to the area after graduating from college, but she came back home to Arcadia, Oklahoma, in March 2020. 

Missing the beach’s surf and chill cafes, Bailey wanted to share the lifestyle and beloved cuisine, so she opened Bondi Bowls’ first truck last June. Caitlin experienced the hype of the brand when visiting Edmond last September. 

“I was going up to Edmond, and I saw Bondi Bowls and went to get a bowl. I loved the vibe and their overall business model,” Caitlin says. 

After learning more about the concept, Caitlin met Bailey, and the two worked together to bring the experience to Texas. Despite her lack of experience in the food and beverage industry, Caitlin says her previous professional roles and, the support from her twin sister and brother-in-law, gave her the tools necessary to start Bondi Bowls. 

After graduating from college, Caitlin worked as a Disney World performer, shaping her passion for customer service. After taking several sales positions and now acting as a jazzercise instructor, Caitlin has learned how to make connections and inspire others. 

So after working with her family, finding and redesigning a former snow cone truck and shadowing Bailey, Caitlin was ready to roll. And she’s excited to lead her employees to success. 

“I’ve always found myself in leadership roles, so I thought I should just embrace that. All my talents and job experiences have combined to make this great,” Caitlin says. “One of the reasons I’m most excited to be my own boss is being able to teach my employees and other people leadership and customer service skills.” 

Bondi Bowls offers a refined menu with two fruits at its foundation: acai and pitaya berries. Acai is high in omega fatty acids, Vitamin C and promotes heart and skin health, making for a delicious and nutritious base. Pitaya berry, also known as dragon fruit, offers a sweeter base and is high in vitamins, magnesium, minerals and fiber, but it’s still low in both calories and sugar. 

Thankfully, each of these bases allows diners to enjoy vegan, plant-based, gluten- and dairy-free items that are filling and flavorful. Those looking for an extra kick can upgrade their bowl with a mix-in, like additional pea-based protein, prebiotics, probiotics, multivitamins, fiber, biotin and Ashwagandha and Ltheanine. 

“I’m a fan of putting stuff in your body that makes you your best self,” Caitlin says. 

Bondi Bowls offers six pre-designed bowls, like its Clovelly, an acai bowl accented with blueberries, raspberries and kiwi, and its Bronte, a pitaya bowl topped with homemade vegan granola, bananas and Nutella. Guests are also welcome to build their own bowls using toppings like vegan chocolate chips, goji berries, chia seeds and bee pollen. 

The truck also serves refreshing snacks, like its strawberry basil lemonade, made with no refined sugar, and sugar-free caramel cold brew. Kids will love the shaved ice, with flavors including blue bubblegum and wedding cake. 

Bondi Bowls DFW does use the Edmond truck to source several of its vital ingredients, but Caitlin is finding ways to integrate local products — like its honey and Buon Giorno coffee. 

Bondi Bowls is available for private events across the Metroplex, but it’s also hosting several public stops nearby, including at Colleyville’s Remington Park on April 3 and 10. Caitlin also says she wants to bring Bondi Bowls to various area neighborhoods so that families can enjoy these dishes together. At her first neighborhood event last month, Caitlin got a kick out of seeing kids enjoy their shaved ice of choice while their parents drank coffees and dined on bowls. 

“I just saw them all sitting on the curb and thought, ‘This is so adorable,’” Caitlin says. 

Whether it’s for a fruity breakfast or satisfying snack, Bondi Bowls proves that healthy food can still make waves.

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