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Modern school lunches serve up international cuisine | Lifestyle

Over the years, how and where students get their lunches has changed.

Before school cafeterias were a thing, many students went back home for lunch. Today, most schools are equipped with a cafeteria, making meals readily available to students and practically eliminated the need to leave school for lunch.

The food served in schools today looks a little different too. In the past, cafeteria staples included hot dogs, pizza and tater tots. Now they serve meals that would rival what you would find in some of your favorite local restaurants.

Red Rabbit, the largest Black-Owned K-12 school food management company in the country, serves over 5.5 million meals per year to urban schools throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region.

Red Rabbit CEO & Founder Rhys Powell said the key to a good school lunch is serving dishes that kids are familiar with and sometimes doing a different take on those dishes.

“We take a lot of inspiration from our chefs who were raised in the same communities as the kids they’re serving in school. They talk to the kids in the cafeteria and try to build menus that are familiar and comforting for them,” Powell said.

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