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Every couple reaches the age where they start to wonder what they transition into the next phase of life after their kids leave the house and work slows down. For my husband Rod Hansen and I, the Lord has blessed us with a business we never dreamed we’d be the caretakers of, especially not how it happened, Over the Hill Antiques.

Years ago we started tearing apart old barns, corn cribs, farmhouses, and outbuildings to make use of old lumber that otherwise would have been wasted, and used it for projects on our farm such as fixing barns, building outbuildings for our livestock, and building board fences.

Some of the wood was in such great shape, Rod started making a few kitchen tables out of the old lumber, and we were awed by how beautiful it was after being cleaned up, planed, and varnished. It just brought the wood back to life again. I started making window cabinets, toolboxes, and other smaller pieces and reupholstering antique chairs.

We decided to try our hand selling by getting a booth at the Egg Krate in Elk Horn to market our products. Rod started going to auctions to get tools for the projects and smaller items to sell in the booth alongside our handmade items, but soon fell in love with some of the old furniture pieces he saw at the auctions; the beautiful details and how solid the old furniture was made. I restored some of the rougher pieces and found a fun hobby after discovering what a little sandpaper, some stain and varnish, and a lot of time can do to an old weathered piece of furniture.

As a little time went on, Rod started accumulating antique prints, glassware, and books, so we got another booth at the Egg Krate. We decided to build a new building at our home to start selling items out of there also. As we live right on the top of a hill, the new building is to the west of the house, just over the hill, even though a lot of people think we got the name from being over the hill ourselves. A lot of our items are well over the hill at over 100 years old, but they will still outlast similar items bought new today.

Over the years, we’ve developed a fondness and appreciation for the past and how well everything was made with so much love put into the hand-made pieces. To imagine the time, effort, and expertise that was used to make the old items is mind-boggling. Especially considering the tools they had to work with. Rod says these days, building tables still takes a lot of time, but anyone can do it if they just have the right modern electric tools.

Our building, Over The Hill Antiques, is full of unique dressers, china hutches, tables, chairs, desks, settees, artwork, glassware, Danish plates, books and so much more.

We built our building over a year ago, but with covid and all of the restrictions, we have waited to open it to the public. But this spring we will officially open our doors! We are open every Thursday from 10am to 7pm, or by appointment by calling Rod at 712-304-2304. We live west of Audubon at 2003 Eagle Ave. You can also find us on Facebook at Over the Hill Antiques.

We are so blessed to have stumbled upon this passion-project-turned business and pray the same for everyone reading who may be wondering what they will do with their futures. Find what you love to do when you don’t have to do anything else, and if you’re lucky, that thing might find you back!

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