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Rally Against Racism in Manitowoc calls for an ’embodiment of Martin Luther King’s lifestyle’ | WFRV Local 5

MANITOWOC, Wis. (WFRV) – Dozens of people gathered in Manitowoc today for a Rally Against Racism 53 year and a day after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, TN.

Alderpeson Aaron Bailey, Manitowoc said, “We want to rally around dealing with racism issues and let people know there’s still work to be done.”

The event stood against all forms of hate against people of color, workers, women and the LGBTQ community across the country.

“[We] take what Martin Luther King embodied and make that not just a holiday but a way of life,” said Bailey.

The group “MLK Day Manitowoc” said they planned this event around the anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination because they work to honor his legacy every day.

“Right around the time Martin Luther King was assassinated and so we wanted to try to keep that close. And perspective of the hate crimes that have been going on in the Asian community,” said Bailey. “And like I said, Martin Luther King life style, his way of life is the way of life we should have we shouldn’t just have a holiday but we should have a lifestyle so we want people in the community to adopt this lifestyle and this ideology of peace and productivity in our community.”

The rally also shed a light on the some of the lesser known aspects of MLK’s philosophy.

Pastor Matthew Sauer, Manitowoc Cooperative Ministry, said, “So much in our culture we’ve sanitized doctor king and we just think it’s about playing nice together with people of a different color skin and it sanitizes things so much. So I wanted folks to remember that his ‘I Have a Dream Speech’ came out of a March for Jobs. That he worked with unions , that that march was supported by union workers both national and individual chapters.”

The rally also emphasized breaking down structural and institutional racism across all sectors of American life.

The MLK Day Manitowoc organization is holding a People’s Power Summit this summer on June 11th and 12th. More information can be found here or on their Facebook page.

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