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Richmond participates in 2021 City Nature Challege

Richmond residents will have the chance to contribute to science this weekend, by documenting local plants and animals in their own community for this year’s City Nature Challenge.

The challenge, which sees cities around the world take part and share information about their local ecosystems, launched Friday, April 30 and runs until Monday, May 3.

Richmond is located in one of North America’s most productive estuaries, and offers residents ample opportunity to photograph plans and wildlife.

Last year, the city entered 865 observations including Anna Hummingbirds, Japanese Cherry, Turkey Tail and Yellow Warblers.

“Participating in the City Nature Challenge is an opportunity for residents to learn more about Richmond’s incredible biodiversity while connecting with other citizen scientists online,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie in a statement.

To take part in the challenge:

  • Download the iNaturalist app on your mobile device.
  • Alternatively, visit and search under 2021 City List for Richmond, BC and join Team Richmond.
  • With the app, take pictures of local plants and animals in your neighbourhood before May 3, and share your observations through iNaturalist before May 9. All images taken in Richmond will be recorded for the challenge, and the app will help you identify the images.

Results will be announced on May 10.

The city is taking part in the family-friendly challenge in collaboration with Richmond School District.

The city is also reminding participants to follow Public Health guidelines and orders, including staying close to home, maintaining physical distance and staying home when sick.

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