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Sarah Jakes Roberts On How Forgiveness Can Help Women Transform Their Lives And Business

The second quarter of the year is here. While many people are in conversation smartening up about their business dealings, getting organized, and earning more money; mindset shifts can be just as valuable and essential as people show up for themselves, at work, and in business. 

Making up your mind about who you are and how you are going to show up is essential in this quarter. It could be believing in yourself more; deciding to stop playing it small; or adopting a growth mindset. Over the last year, many professionals and business owners have had the unique opportunity to be still, re-evaluate, and pivot. Now, Sarah Jakes Roberts, businesswoman, bestselling author, and media personality is encouraging women to transform their thinking and ultimately their realities in her new bookWoman Evolve: Break Up with Your Fears and Revolutionize Your Life.

At a time where women have been disproportionately impacted by the adverse effects of pandemic-related stress at home, in the workplace, and on their businesses; Jakes-Roberts is helping women realize their power in the face of adversity and push past their pain into their full potential. That way, they can create, innovate, and live life more fully. In Woman Evolve, Jakes-Roberts shares her life lessons as well as insights that she has gathered from studying the story of Eve in the Bible. Yes, Eve. 

While many like to place blame on the biblical figure for the “plight of women”, Jakes-Roberts offers a new perspective of Eve that implores readers to see themselves as worthy of forgiveness for not knowing how to respond in moments of uncertainty. 

Woman Evolve aims to help women to understand that their purpose in life does not change. It evolves.

As the book hits the shelves today, Jakes-Roberts shares how women can experience transformation and evolve right where they are – no matter what they’ve been through.

Give Yourself Permission To Evolve

What was it like sitting down with all of your thoughts, revelations, and excitement when writing Woman Evolve?

Sarah Jakes-Roberts: It was so exciting. For years, I’ve been collecting research, content, and experience for this book. But I wasn’t sure how it would all come together. It was so amazing to take all of what I’ve been exposed to and put it on paper. 

Environment and mindset are highlighted in the book as essentials to one’s wellbeing and ability to experience transformation. How can women renew their minds and experience transformation no matter their circumstances or environment?  

Jakes-Roberts: We must remember that circumstances may be out of our control, but the inner environment is the place where we process those experiences. Too often, we are not intentional about our inner environment, and our circumstances begin to dictate the wellness of our soul. Understanding what brings your soul to a place of peace and rejuvenation is critical to coping with the inevitable challenges and adversity that life brings. 

Knowing and doing are also highlighted within the text. How can women stop downplaying who they are and activate what they know to get where they have been called to?

Jakes-Roberts: One of the first things we can start doing is stop saying, “I don’t know” after we express exactly what we know. For instance, we reveal our feelings, fears, and emotions then button it up by saying “I don’t know.” There are so many things in life that we don’t know that we should not add what we do know to the list.

In the book, you write about rescuing ourselves from who we think we are. That’s much deeper than the trendy yet relevant conversation about imposters syndrome. What does that process entail?

Jakes-Roberts: We have to be willing to deconstruct the image of self that our experiences have created. We are always growing like the world that we live in, which means we must intentionally ensure our existence is our truth and not simply a compilation of projections from others or traumas from our past.  

You Owe It To Yourself To Be Better, No Bitter

Forgiveness is a matter of the heart that many people overlook when it comes to doing business. Some rather focus on merely bouncing back. How can women practice forgiving themselves (and others) so that they can show up for themselves as women who are called personally and professionally?

Jakes-Roberts: Forgiveness is generosity. When we learn to be more gentle with ourselves, we also become more resilient, allowing us to more easily pivot after inevitable setbacks. Forgiveness allows us to analyze our past and discover lessons, not shame.

There are many questions that life poses to us that we don’t have answers to. In Woman Evolve, you write beautifully about the questions that often distract women from their callings in life. How can women identify and unpack the questions that have stopped them in their tracks and keep moving forward in life and business?

Jakes-Roberts: The book provides a more detailed guide to truly discovering that question. But the first thing I ask the reader is to identify an area where they feel uncertain. From that place, they can begin to unravel deeper questions about their intellect and value that are intrinsically connected with that uncertainty. The goal is to ultimately identify the cycle and then introduce a new pattern.  

What are some ways women can exercise being confident when others are questioning who they are at their core and what they have to offer?

Jakes-Roberts: It’s so easy to build our confidence on the opinions/validation of others. But, whenever we do that, we run the risk of losing our confidence. When you do the work to know who you are at your core and recognize your unique value, you can remind yourself in low moments that you are not defined by the opinions of others.

Regardless if someone believes or not, in life and business, you have to have faith. Can you share how having faith in oneself nurtures an environment for confidence and performance?

Jakes-Roberts: I believe that the most incredible form of faith that any of us can have is not that we can do well, but rather that we can recover from setbacks. Faith without perfection is the only type of faith that can withstand the vicissitudes of life.

Over the last two years, Woman Evolve has become a movement. What evolution do you hope women will experience while reading your book and once they finish the final chapter?

Jakes-Roberts: I’m hoping that women will come to a place where they’re comfortable being complex. So often, we believe that we have to live exclusively in one lane and that is frustrating. The true revolution begins when we are comfortable enough in our own skin to be masterpieces and works in progress all at the same time. 

In writing the book, I wanted to be able to share everything I’ve learned about forgiveness and redemption. But the book isn’t a substitute for community. If you’re looking for consistent opportunities for growth, fun, connection, and development consider getting plugged into the Woman Evolve community. 

The conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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