SHOCKING: Fake Vaccines? Fauci Is This How You Got Yours?

Fake vaccines exposed!

In the past few days, we witness numerous “fake vaccines.”

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How can that be performed?

Well, there are many ways to do it, for example, injecting sugar water or only water.

Maybe vodka! Ha! Also, they can use a fake syringe….

Now you know the main point of the article.

All those famous people who promote COVID-19 vaccination now have raised a doubt whether they have really got the jab.

The most suspicious are those elites with a medical background. Let’s call them “experts.”

Let’s mention names like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Oz, or any other who talk about the coronavirus situation and the vaccine as a unique solution. Are they getting the shot for real?

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I doubt it! Besides, I know that I am not alone! Numerous reports say that the abovementioned doctors won’t even want to see the vaccine’s needle! There is no chance for them to have received the vaccine.

This is nothing new! Can you recall the moment when Dr. Oz promoted the flu vaccine, but his family didn’t get it.

Let’s now mention the real point here.

We have all seen these doctors get the jab!

Well, if you see closer, you will understand.

See the video below.

The truth has been revealed!

They were lying to us all this time!

Now we know, and we won’t make a mistake!


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