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When did you move to Main Street and how long have you lived there?

We purchased this house in May of 2014 – However, my parents lived at 815 E. Main, they purchased it in the mid-1980s, so I have been on Main for a while.

Why Main Street and what makes it unique?

It is the quintessential Main Street USA and, added bonus, it is walking distance to so much! The history, the architecture and especially our neighbors make Main Street, New Iberia a unique place.

What is the history of your house?

The house was built in 1894 as a spec house, along with its twin next door. At some point, it became a rental, and everyone I seem to talk to says he or she lived in our house at some point in his or her life. We purchased the home from Nancy Mixon.

Were any renovations needed?

We were able to move right in. However, we have plans! The porch decking needs to be replaced. We’d like another bathroom. The kitchen needs to be gutted, and we want the four fireplaces to work once again – the chimneys were lopped off at some point.

What is your favorite spot in your home and how have you made this house your own?

The two porches, front and side, are our favorite spots of the house. We have made the house our own with paintings and photographs from many local artists. Also, our yard is a labor of love.

Do you have a favorite holiday or memory in your house?

The Sugar Cane Festival holds many memories for us! It is the New Iberia event. We especially love the fact that all of the parades pass right in front of us. We’re the Sugar Cane Festival party house.

What makes your neighbors so great?

So many of us look out for one another. Also, we have an enthusiastic group that wants to make Main Street more of a neighborhood. We are trying to get everyone to decorate for all of the holidays. The two of us and our neighbors are all proud of our New Iberia Main Street.

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