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The Best Gear For Moms Who Love To Hike

Not all women want flowers and candy for Mother’s Day. While these things are lovely, perhaps your outdoorsy lady-of-the-house deserves something a bit more tailored to her interests. The following gift ideas are for moms who love to adventure in the outdoors on foot.

Up the Sock Game

The socks you move in are important. You don’t want blisters or hot spots on your feet after a long day of hiking, which often develop due to poor sock choice (always choose wool over cotton). Smartwool makes some of the best foot-hugging protectors around. Use Smartwool’s sock finder on their website to find the best pair for your mom. If you can’t decide, look no further than the Women’s Hike Light Cushion Mountain Print Crew Socks, which are the brand’s newest addition.

Sleep Under the Stars

If your mom loves to hike, likely she loves to backpack and camp as well. Enter Sea to Summit, experts on well-designed, high-performance outdoor gear that keeps you on the trail longer. The Flame Ultralight Women’s Sleeping Bag comes in various temperature ratings—from 15 degrees-Fahrenheit to 48 degrees-Fahrenheit—so that your mom will be cozy and warm no matter where or when she spends a night outside. This women-specific bag is narrower at the shoulders and wider at the hips and you’ll find that it’s easy to sleep on your side or roll around to your back. Pair the bag with the Women’s Ultralight Insulated Air Sleeping Mat and the Aeros Ultralight Pillow and your mom will be ready to go.

Find Sustainably Made Shelter

Big Agnes, the outdoor gear company that has long helped moms get outside to explore wild places, is celebrating their 20th anniversary this month. This year, sustainable Solution-Dyed Fabrics (SDF) were introduced to some of their tent models, reducing energy consumption and chemical usage. Since your mom cares about the environment that she’s exploring in, get her a tent made with SDF that she can be proud of. The Fly Creek HV UL1 Solution Dye tent, for example, is a freestanding three-season shelter that is resistant to UV fade, updated to include a larger entryway and overall interior head clearance. This is the “it” tent.

Prepare for Rain

Spring usually means rain and wind in most states. Make sure your hiker-mom is prepared with a quality jacket, made by Eddie Bauer. The BC Dura 3L Jacket, which comes in Cactus or Dusk Navy, is waterproof and breathable and, equally as important, you can move in it. The nylon jacket is hooded and has plenty of pockets as well. Your mom will love that you thought of her with such a useful and colorful gift.  

A Hat That Gives Back

Of course, your mom needs sun protection while out exploring wild and beautiful places. Give her a multi-hued hat from Avila Beach Designs, featuring traditional Otomi designs, where a portion of the proceeds are donated to women artisans of Central and Northern Mexico. Your mom will love that you gave her a thoughtful gift that supports women and their artistry.

Designer-Quality Gear at a Less Expensive Price

Rather than purchase active wear and pay for an expensive label or brand, Italic is a way to cut out the middle-man and shop for high-quality goods at factory prices through an affordable membership. For example, the Aura High Waisted Biker Short, which comes in four different colors, is lightweight and moisture-wicking, providing support for moving in the outdoors. These active shorts sell for only $25 through Italic, which is much less expensive than other brands. Perhaps you could gift your mom the shorts, or better yet, the shorts and a membership to Italic.

Don’t Forget About Recovery

Whether your mom loves multi-day backpacking trips or likes to crush dirt under her boots in one day, she’ll likely appreciate a good pair of recovery shoes. Nothing feels better on the feet after a long day of hiking than taking off your soiled socks and tough boots and slipping on a pair of shoes that let your feet breath. Enter Kane, footwear for active recovery, constructed from sugarcane and other sustainable materials.

A Matter of Health

Your mom has taken care of you, and now you can take care of her by making sure she’s getting her vitamins. SugarBear, a vegan gummy vitamin brand, makes yummy chewables that will help her sleep, strengthen her hair and nails, and help with her overall health, which is important for an active woman on the trail.

Snap Back Faster

If your mom is often commenting on sore muscles and joints, consider getting her an infrared sauna blanket created by MiHIGH. Her body will detoxify as the heat penetrates her skin. She’ll burn calories, sweat and flush out toxins, which will improve her sleep, reduce stress, and help her feel her best when she’s out on the trail. The blanket, which can be placed on a bed or heat-proof surface, has multiple temperature settings and a timer so that the blanket can meet her needs.

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