Vigil held for Asia Grice, one year after shooting in Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Led in prayer, lit candles, and music, friends and family of 25-year-old Asia Grice took a moment to remember her in a vigil where she was killed a year earlier.

The shooting occurred in the early morning on May 1, 2020, at 1610 30th Street NW. Police arrested Johnnie Osborne the IV after the shooting, charging him with first-degree murder and nonconsensual termination of pregnancy. Police said Osborne and Grice were living at the apartment with a friend, Keonna Smith, when Osborne shot Grice and Smith. Grice, who was pregnant at the time, died from her injuries.

“Why would you do this?” Victoria McDaniel, Grice’s sister, said. “I want to know, what made you pull the trigger?”

The pain of last year’s shooting lingers for the friends and family of Grice.

“On the way here, I took the same route I took when I got the news last year,” Melvin Watson, Grice’s father, said. “Every time I drive past O Avenue, it’s hard.”

While families mourned the loss of their loved one, they said this was a product of just how dangerous an abusive relationship could be.

“Johnnie was very controlling, and you could tell her actions started to change,” McDaniel said.

“I encourage everyone who is in a situation like this to get help,” Morlean Watson, Grice’s mother, said.

For Smith, the tragedy of that day still haunts her.

“Those thoughts never go away, they’re with me every single day,” Smith said. “I’m taking sleeping pills now because I can’t sleep. I keep thinking it’s going to happen again.”

While police have only arrested and charged Osborne, Smith believes more people were involved in the shooting and needed to be held accountable.

“Justice will not be served until everybody that had a hand in this is dealt with,” Smith said.

A police search warrant affidavit showed others did have a role in what happened, but no other arrests have been made. Police said they could not comment on ongoing investigations or if more people were being investigated.

However, for the family and friends, Saturday’s vigil was to honor the bright life of Grice, who was taken too soon.

“She was the light in every single room,” Smith said. “She would have been the best mom, she was the best aunt, and she was the best go-mother to my son.”

Osborne is set to go to trial on September 13, 2021.

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