[WATCH] Biden’s Latest Speech Was Terrible! He Cannot Remember Frequent Words!

This guy received more than 83 million votes!

The Biden administration took their leader in front of the public to deliver his speech about the coronavirus!
The speech topic was idiotic, but let’s leave that aside. Biden’s slurring is alarmingly concerning. Our President cannot recall regularly used words.

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Biden wanted to ask the states like Texas to lockdown again because the situation is horrible and reinstate the mask mandates.
At this moment, Texas is entirely open, and the COVID cases are drastically lowered.

Why are Democrats ignoring the success and want the U.S. in complete lockdown?

Well, folks, COVID is the perfect chance for great globalists reset! So, Biden is laser-focused on the latest communist step – Vaccine Passports.

But, not all the Governors agree with him! Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor, rejected these passports.

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If Americans get their lives back, then the Dems would lose their most powerful “tool,” and they can’t allow that.

Joe Biden stood in front of us, like the old reliable Joe who is talking the truth. He even made his famous move, hunched down, and leaned into the mic to do his usual whisper.

However, the entire speech lost its point because our President couldn’t recall simple everyday words. His slurring became very bad.

One of those moments is when Biden said that we could not risk more “desks” instead of deaths.

Sir, desks are for books…

But, let’s see the bright side. Biden realized what he said, so he corrected himself. Maybe this is one of his good days.

While Americans are asking themselves how they could choose Biden precisely to be their President, their enemies are observing and laughing.

The enemies aren’t laughing because Biden has dementia, but because we can’t figure out our genders and how a virus with a 99.8% survival rate can lockdown most U.S. states.

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